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vail resort - Condo Ski Resort Rentals in Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado resorts used to be celebrated on the each year on April Fool s Day in Vail. The place of celebration was the Minnie s Deck area in Lionshead.

However, the event has been discontinued now by the Forest Service after it implemented and enforced a Supervisor s Closure on Vail Mountain. This means that from the beginning of April each year unauthorized entry to the Minnie s Deck has been prohibited.

The Forest Service justified taking this measure as the behavior of the people taking part in this event posted a serious threat to public health, and safety. In addition, it also caused a lot of damage to the surrounding area.

Vail has 5,289 acres of terrain for skiing and snowboarding, the prohibition enforced by the Forest Services has cordoned out just a small area. It covers an area of 15 acres, and it includes 150 yards uphill and downhill of Minnie s Deck.

The closing of the BB&B occurred because many underage visitors were observed drinking along with others, and the event led to much trash being left around which was damaging the ecological balance. In addition, the event used illegal fireworks and there was rampant use of drugs. However, the main cause of shutting down BB&B in Vail was the destruction it was causing to the environment and forest.

For those of you who do not know what the famous BB&B event in Vail is, here is a little enlightenment. BB&B is named after two body parts that are covered by a bikini and beer. The event started in the mid-1980s and had ended up becoming a costume party that marked the end of the ski season in Vail. The event started out with just few people and by 2003, it started attracting a gathering of thousands.

There is some dispute over what BB&B stands for. There are a majority who believe that BB&B does not stand for body parts covered by a bikini and beer. Instead, they firmly believe that it stands for Beach Blankets and Beer .
It does not matter what it stands for, BB&B and condo resorts in Vail, Colorado is now history.